Ammonia Free Colour, why should I use it?

Ammonia-free hair colour is a major trend in hair colour technology, and over past few years all the major hair colour brands have launched, or are launching, ammonia-free permanent colour ranges. So how do ammonia-free colours work and what does it mean for the health of your hair?

In the past ammonia has been used in permanent hair colors to give better, more durable colors and allows for more significant color changes. Ammonia partially removes the natural colour from the hair. It opens up the surface of the strand so that the hair colour can get through and effectively lifts out the natural hair pigment so that the hair colour molecules can penetrate and deposit.

Essentially, ammonia has been largely responsible for hair color’s ability to alter hair hue without washing out after only a few shampoos. This method of depositing colouring the hair has been commonly reported to have side effects such as stinging the eyes and scalp, and of course there’s that distinctive od0ur…

The environmental and health concerns raised by an ever-increasingly educated and health-conscious clientele have pushed the hair colour technology industry to develop alternative colour delivery systems.

Ammonia-free colours most often work by using an ammonia alternative called MEA, or monoethanolamine, or an oil-based delivery system, to more gently open and penetrate the hair shaft. A new development has recently been launched by Goldwell, Nectaya which uses intra-lipid ammonia-free technology. Goldwell states that this new colour system has an advantage over other oil-based delivery systems as it doesn’t weight the hair with heavy oils, and leaves the hair in exceptional condition.

Previously it has been thought that ammonia-free hair colour systems were not able to produce the same lasting and permanent results as those containing ammonia, or the same lasting grey coverage. Developments in ammonia-free technology now mean uniform and lasting colour, with perfect coverage of up to 100 percent white hair with vibrant shades and lightening ability.

Using ammonia-free colours may prevent that dry, over-processed feeling that has been a side-effect of using ammonia, and they are gentler on the hair, and with no unpleasant odor or irritation.

Next time you walk into your salon to have a hair colour ask your stylist about the benefits of ammonia-free colour, and  compare the feeling and look of your hair with an ammonia-free colour delivery system.

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One Month Later

So, as the saying goes, how time flies . I cant believe its already been 4 weeks since opening Half Cut Mclaren Vale. I suppose it’s the fact that I’m only here from Wednesday-Friday and spending the beginning of the week in Adelaide at Liquid Hair. It’s a nice change not having to commute 2 hrs to work.


Something else I’m finding really refreshing is  meeting all of the Mclaren Vale locals.Everyone has been really friendly and taking the plunge and booking in for new cuts and colours. It’s a challenge remembering everyone’s name  when your meeting so many new people on a daily basis. Thank you to all for all of the recommendations and thank you to all of the returning clients who I haven’t seen for many years.

Everything is coming together  really well. I have had the sound system (and plasma) fitted this week, a very special thank you to Derringers Music, who have handled all of my sound over the past 15 years in all 4 salons that I have set up. Yesterday there was the drama of the water pump that pumps the waste water out dying a slow death, thank you to Csaba Francsali from Hospitality Plumbing for prompt service and fixing the problem for me, RIP water pump and hello gravity drain.

Next on the list is the salon photo shoot, Angela Lisman is coming to do some interior shots. I will then be able to complete the website.

Half Cut McLaren Vale

A eclectic, funky new salon is about to open in McLaren Vale. Emma Bayly, hairdresser and owner of Liquid Hair (Victoria Sq)  is thrilled to be opening the doors of Half Cut McLaren Vale in early August. Emma moved to Port Willunga six years ago and has been keen to offer her services, as one of Adelaide’s best hairdressers, down south since becoming part of this community. She currently is renovating the space next door to Blessed Cheese on Main St, McLaren Vale, once occupied by  Fall From Grace. Emma is  mixing a variety of design pieces from her previous salons to create an unique space where she will bring a city style to the Southern Vales. Stay tuned for pictures and an opening date Contact Emma Bayly 0414319185