Half Cut McLaren Vale is excited that Goldwell has introduced an ammonia free colour innovation – Nectaya. Combining their passion for colour perfection with unique technology, Goldwell has created a luxurious colour that will leave the hair in optimum condition and shine.

So what Makes Nectaya different from other ammonia free professional colours?
Nectaya contains Goldwells advanced IntraLipid technology which repairs the hair while colouring. It works to replenish lost lipids within the hair effectivly repairing each strand.
Nectaya- luxuriously rich, intense, permanent hair colour
Ammonia free
Intralipid technology
Enriched with intensely conditioning Argan oil for a smooth luxurious feeling
Pleasant fragrance
up to 100% grey coverage and 3 levels of lift

So why use an ammonia free hair colour?  click here to find out why
Thinking of colouring your hair? Why not come in for a complimentary hair colour consultation with  our expert colour specialist. They can discuss your ideas on your ultimate hair colour then offer you some hair colour suggestions of their own. They will also discuss Nectaya, Goldwells luxurious ammonia free hair colouring that leaves your hair in optimum condition with shine.

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